About us

About us

Since the year 2000, Besser Vacuum is recognized as the manufacturer brand of packaging equipment made in Italy. Born from a large experience in the sector, (company located in the City of Dignano-Italy), Besser Vacuum  manufactures and distributes external and suction packaging machines, tray sealers and a wide range of types and sizes of vacuum bags.

In addition, the company also offers practical vacuum containers, ideal for bring all the freshness and purity of home cooking.Besser Vacuum´s pride is the wide range of machines types and vacuum accessories that provide reliable and innovative solutions, ideal for: domestic use, restaurants, food industries (to preserve food) and metal industries (to conserve materials).

Also, for several years, Besser Vacuum has specialized in the drying and polishing of cutlery equipment construction, as well as cleaning units (decarbonisation). In this way, Besser Vacuum offers a complete range of equipment in this market.

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