Vacuum Packaging

Longer storage time


Vacuum packaging is the only real solution to respond to the problem of bacterial proliferation, avoiding a useless food waste and a more conscious consumption of food. Now in the whole world – in professional catering as at home – people are more attentive to what they consume and what they eliminate and the crisis of recent times has made everyone more active in the more conscious use of food resources and vacuum machines food.

Vacuum and safety

Thanks to the vacuum cycle procedure, the air is extracted from the packaging bags, completely eliminating the presence of oxygen inside. The food, no longer in contact with oxygen, will be absolutely safe because without oxygen there is no bacterial proliferation. As a result, the food lasts longer and the shelf-life of each product is considerably extended. Depending on the type of food, a duration of more than a third, twice or even three times longer than normal storage in the refrigerator can be achieved.

Food portion

Vacuum packaging is an indispensable resource not only for organizing and rationalizing at most a professional kitchen of restaurants, hotels or catering chains, but also for canteens, hospitals, airlines and everything that involves a large amount of food and an organization responsible for consumption. In these environments, the possibility of portioning everything becomes necessary and, thanks to the packaging envelopes, it is possible to choose the most appropriate portioning size for your needs and you can prepare in advance the cooking and storage of food for large quantities.

No waste

For the domestic sector, vacuum packaging is the only solution to avoid wasting leftover food, which can be reused in a healthy and safe way even several days after cooking. How many times after dinner are leftovers from which you do not know what to do because you do not want to resubmit the day after? Besser Vacuum, thanks to the wide range of domestic vacuum machines, meets the needs of individuals, families and small consumers, ensuring healthy food on tables all over the world and responsible and prudent consumption of food resources.



Vacuum Packaging Advantages

Vacuum packaging is the unique sole solution to avoid bacteria proliferation and avoid a useless food waste by promoting a much more responsible food consumption. Nowadays people are worldwide more careful about what they are eating and wasting. Moreover the recent economic crisis has made everyone aware of a much more conscious use of the food resources.


Why does vacuum packaging make food last longer, while being safer and healthier?

Thanks to the vacuum cycle, air is totally taken out of the vacuum packaging bag, by avoiding the presence of oxygen within the pouch itself. Therefore food is no longer in touch with oxygen and it turns to be safer and healthier as bacteria proliferation is strongly limited.

Consequently, food can last much longer as its shelf-life becomes longer. According to the different kinds of food, it is possible to extend food shelf-life up to two, or even three times longer than standard preservation in refrigerator. Vacuum packaging cycle is therefore an essential tool not only to maximize the handling of a professional kitchen of restaurants, hotels, or catering chains, but also to organize the daily management of canteens, hospitals, airways or any other place where there must be a conscious food consumption. In such environments, it is then possible to portion food according to any kind of different need, by choosing the right size of each single portion while organizing the cooking process in advance, being based on a proper stock of large amount of food.

The same values are to be followed for the domestic sector, where the vacuum packaging is the only solution to avoid food wastage and to recycle food in a healthy and safe way, even after many days from cooking. Thanks to the wide range of vacuum packaging machines, Besser Vacuum can meet the needs of privates, families and small businesses, by granting healthy food worldwide with a conscious and cautious consumption of the dietary resources.


Which kind of food can be vacuum packed?

All kinds of food can be vacuum packed.

Should it be meet, fish, pasta, rice, veggie or fruit, or should it be pastry stuff, liquids, soups or juices, any kind of food can be vacuum processed. Obviously there are some products that can last up to 1 year, once they’re vacuum packed (rice, coffee, pasta…), while some others benefit of an extended shelf-life of some additional days only (e.g. cheese, cold cuts, bread or meat…)

Food preservation periods

FoodStandar Packaging (days)Vacuum Packaging (days)
Fresh egg pasta28
Dry fruit3090
Fresh fruit815


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