The bags and embossed rolls are designed for Vacuum packing machines in ABS and Stainless Steel models of the Besser Vacuum brand, guaranteeing a vacuum of 98%.

They are built on one side of a high-tech embossed material that has a fluted texture that mimic a panel of bees, this with the aim of easily channeling the extraction of oxygen without forcing the operation of the packaging machine. On the other hand, they are constructed of a smooth material composed of polyethylene and polyamide.

Said main characteristics of the embossed bags and rolls allows for perfect preservation of the food by extracting oxygen, which means that they do not oxidize and remain in optimal conditions for long periods of time, preserving the quality and taste of the product. the food extending its life up to four times more.

Purchase seasonal products in large quantities to be stored in portions and ready to use at any time.


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