Would you like to acquire a Vacuum Packing Equipment? but do not know which are optimal for you. Before knowing the different lines of packing machines in advance is important to ask:

  • What kind of product will be pack?
  • How much product will I pack?
  • What I want pack will be for domestic or industrial function?

External Aspiration

For domestic use these line of machines are ideal, it’s possible to pack a small amount of foodstuff for conserve at home and have already at the moment you prefer an easy, healthy and security way. Is almost available to pack any type of food except powder and liquids since can affect the machine function.

Tabletop Chamber Vacuum

Do you want to invest in improving your restaurant or catering company? The Tabletop Chamber Machines are appropriate, their design, size, and so on, the operation which brings benefits to your company. Many foods could pack into the machine, also liquids and powder (exception foodstuff will be ferment) these machines have modified atmosphere option which prolongs the life of the product, thanks for 10 vacuum programs.

Standing Vacuum Chamber

In fact, if your company specializes in food industrial sold and distribution, this kind of machine is perfect for you. Characteristics are the same as Tabletop machines but transportation is more uncomplicated despite considering weight. Equip with double sealing bar pack take a less time.

Sliding Machines

If the double sealing bar is not enough What about equip a machine with 4 sealing bars? These machines are draft for developing the production. Despite their size and weight, there are no complications at a time to operate, it could save inclusive vacuum cycles when you need specifics vacuum, in case the business manages diverse foodstuff.

Enjoy packing high vacuum if would want more information about a specific equipment in Besser Vacuum with pleasure to attend all your questions.


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