Thin-Cut French Fries



  • 1.2kg potatoes
  • 1 l of water
  • 2.5g baking soda
  • Oil for fried
  • Salt and pepper as needed


Preheat Joule to 194 °F / 90 °C, Sort and peel potatoes, Use this simple technique to find potatoes ideal for frying. Cut potatoes and Submerge in water to keep them from browning. Make brine Combine water, salt, glucose syrup, and baking soda to prepare a brine. Package fries with an equal weight of brine. Vacuum-seal bag or hang open edge over the side and clip in place. Space fries in one even layer within the sealed bag. Cook fries sous vide until very tender, about 15 minutes. This ensures that the insides will be light and fluffy after frying. Gently remove fries from the bag. Lay them on a wire rack, not touching each other, to cool them and let their surfaces dry.

Fill a large pot about halfway with oil and heat to 266 °F / 130 °C. Heat a large pot of oil to 374 °F / 190 °C. Fry for about 1 minute 45 seconds, or until the surface appears golden brown and bubbles streaming from the fries slow to a trickle, which indicates that the crust is dry and crisp. Season and serve.


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