Which is the main difference between the bags Besser Vacuum and the normal bags for the food preservation?

The normal bags aren’t efficent for the elimination of the air stagnation in the bag because they do not have a “barrier” allowing to keep the vacuum in the bag: this can cause a fast food deterioration.

The bags Besser Vacuum are made with a special film PA/PE suitable for the food preservation under vacuum and they are available in the smooth or embossed version, and in different sizes.

Which is the difference between a smooth and an embossed vacuum bag?

Both bags are made with the same material  (PA/PE) but with different thicknesses. The smooth bag is available in various grammages (70, 90 and 140 my), while the embossed bag is available in  90 my.

The main difference concerns the utilization type: the smooth bag is suitable for chamber vacuum packaging machines while the embossed one must be used with external suction machines. In the chamber machine, when desiring an external vacuum (the bag is put exteriorly to the chamber) it is recommended to use an embossed bag because the special embossing allows to extract the air from the bag. It is necessary to follow these recommendations in order to have an optimal vacuum.

Can I use the same bag more times for a new vacuum?

Besser Vacuum doesn’t recommend the re-use of the bags because there may be food residuals or humidity in the bag. This is negative on both the hygienic and vacuum quality point of view.
If the bag is perfectly clean and without residuals, it can be reused.

Can I use the vacuum bags in the microwave?

The normal vacuum bags aren’t suitable to reach high temperatures. For all the cooking and heating needs you can use the special cooking vacuum bags Besser Vacuum, that can reach 115°C and are suitable for the cooking in the microwave, with vapour and in bain-marie.

It’s very important to be sure that the bags that are beign used are suitable for the heating and that you are respecting the recommended temperature limits; otherwise there may be the risk that some substances contained in the bag migrate into the food.

What type of bag does my product require?

You can choose the type of bag according to these parameters:

Medium Barrier Bags For fruits, vegetables and salads (raw)
High Barrier Bags For meat, etc.
Cooking Bags If you cook Sous Vide or want to cook or heat using the bags.

More information of bags:

What is the difference between Besser Vacuum vacuum packaging bags and a regular bag?

Normal bags are not effective in eliminating stagnant air inside, since that do not have a barrier that keeps the emptiness in the bag, this can lead to a rapid deterioration of food.
Besser Vacuum vacuum bags are manufactured with a special PA / PE film for the purpose of food preservation under vacuum and are available in a smooth or embossed version in various sizes.

Is Besser Vacuum looking for distributors?

Yes, we are a global brand and we are looking for collaborators worldwide. Get in touch with us

Is Besser Vacuum a machine and bag manufacturer?

Yes, we manufacture our  machines and bags

Besser Vacuum has offices and spare parts in Mexico?

Yes, we have our headquarters for Latin America in Querétaro,



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