Technological and Application

What is modified atmosphere?

It is a combination of gases that allows products to increase their shelf life in the bag, they also help to prevent fragile products from breaking or crushing during vacuum process.

Why Vacuum Packaging?

Because It is a technique that eliminates up to 99.9% of oxygen inside the package, increasing the life of the products considerably.

How many packages can I pack per minute?

It depends on your packaging parameters. Depending on your product, you can pack with cycles from 1 and up to 30 seconds.

Is Besser Vacuum looking for distributors?

Yes, we are a global brand and we are looking for collaborators worldwide. Get in touch with us

Is Besser Vacuum a machine and bag manufacturer?

Yes, we manufacture our  machines and bags

Besser Vacuum has offices and spare parts in Mexico?

Yes, we have our headquarters for Latin America in Querétaro,



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