Besser Vacuum has a spare parts kit?

Yes, at Besser Vacuum we have spare parts kit in addition to trained technicians to give you a better service.

Does the machine warn when it has no oil?

For the basic family you need to check the oil level manually, the top family shows it on the panel.

Can I use any type of oil?

No, our machines use mineral oil that we can provide.

What kind of oil do you use?

Mineral Oil

How should I clean up the machine?

You can apply cleaner for stainless steel or just a semi-wet cloth.

Is Besser Vacuum looking for distributors?

Yes, we are a global brand and we are looking for collaborators worldwide. Get in touch with us

Is Besser Vacuum a machine and bag manufacturer?

Yes, we manufacture our  machines and bags

Besser Vacuum has offices and spare parts in Mexico?

Yes, we have our headquarters for Latin America in Querétaro,



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