Vacuum Cooking and Preserving

How much does it take to pack under vacuum with the machines Besser Vacuum?

The time depends on the type of machine, on the dimension of the bag and on the volume of the content.

The chamber vacuum packaging machines usually need between 20 and 40 seconds, but this time changes according to the pump power and dimension: bigger the pump is, faster the vacuum will be.

For the external suction machines the vacuum cycle usually doesn’t overtake 60 seconds;even in this case the time depends on the vacuum pump power used in the machine.

Are there some foods that are not suitable for the vacuum preservation?

Yes, all the foods that ferment without oxygen such as potatoes, avocado, etc

Is it possible to preserve hot foods in bags or trays?

We do not recommend to preserve under vacuum hot foods because the vapour that has been created heats the bag or the film that covers the tray (the bag and tray are not always suitable for heating). Moreover this vapour emits humidity, thus compromising the sealing quality.

Which is the best way to cook the foods preserved under vacuum?

Among the most suitable ways to cook food under vacuum there are the bain-marie and the vapour oven at low temperatures (max. 115°C).

Which kind of food is it possible to vacuum pack?

It is possible to preserve any kind of food except foods that tend to ferment in the absence of oxygen (such as potatoes, avocado, etc.) provided it is not warmer than 25°C, otherwise steam could weaken the sealing and enter into the pump, by damaging oil.

Always assure that the sealing part of the bag is perfectly dry before proceeding with the vacuum cycle.

Which kind of food is it possible to sous-vide cook?

It is possible to cook any kind of food, although meat (poultry, beef, veal, pork…) and fish (salmon, tuna, halibut…) enhance at best their nutritional properties and their flavors through this innovative low temperature cooking technique.

Veggies, fruit and even eggs might be sous-vide cooked with excellent results.

Sauces – both for salted and sweet meals – are deliciously realized through the sous-vide cooking, by becoming extremely creamy and wisely mixing their single ingredients within the pouch.

How long can food last once it is vacuumed?

Thanks to the air extraction and the total absence of oxygen into the pouch, the bacteria proliferation is strongly limited, if not even avoided through the vacuum packaging. Therefore the shelf-life of vacuumed food can be extended up to its double, or even three time longer than standard packaging.  This general rule is valid only when handling fresh food and not after food has been in touch with open air contamination.

Is Besser Vacuum looking for distributors?

Yes, we are a global brand and we are looking for collaborators worldwide. Get in touch with us

Is Besser Vacuum a machine and bag manufacturer?

Yes, we manufacture our  machines and bags

Besser Vacuum has offices and spare parts in Mexico?

Yes, we have our headquarters for Latin America in Querétaro,



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